Error 522 for some visitors for website on godaddy. IPs are not blocked, keep alive is on


A few weeks now, some visitors are having troubles accessing the website hosted with godaddy.
I can’t seem to find a specific region where blocked people live and in some cases if people go out and connect to a public wifi on a second street - it works for them, but not at home. Same people are unable to access the website for months.
Godaddy has confirmed that nothing is black-listed and they are unable to whitelist (or block) any IPs on a windows shared hosting. Keep alive is ON on the server.

I would appreciate any help in bringing this back online.

If I create a domain pointing to the same website with DNS only mode (i.e. bypassing cloudflare proxy) - the same people are able to access the website

That’s a timeout error. You can search 522 #CommunityTip for workarounds. Basically isolate the process that overruns our limits in it’s own subdomain with a :grey: to bypass.

But why is it happening only for specific people no matter which resource on the website they are requesting?

And by isolating the process you mean using a DNS mode or proxy on a subdomain?

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