Error 522 domain issue?

for some reason when i connect hit ip of the server the application is opening up but when i use the domain it gives me the 522 error, it was working earlier…


Its a application running inside my home in container, my ip / domain is,
i have a record set - |A||24.185.154.xx| proxied, with proxy or without not working, all my ports on router set properly,

502 Bad Gateway another error i just saw on chrome

The server at that address is not publicly reachable. For that reason you get that message.

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how can i fix it? when i type the ip address it works open up that means ports are correct and port 80 open to network, all we doing here is porting the domain to the IP, its simple if port 80 is open should work…

You need to fix the server. Port 80 is not relevant as you need port 443 for SSL. Unproxy the entry again and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS. Then it will also work on Cloudflare.

If you need information on how to fix the server, I’d refer to StackExchange or Reddit as server administration would be off-topic for this forum here.

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Just one follow-up, you may want to additionally keep port 80 if you use ACME authentication via HTTP. However your focus content-wise should be 443.

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