Error 522 Connection Timeout with Matching IPs

i tried searching and looking around, but nothing seems to quite match what i am seeing.
I may need to wait 24 hrs, but i have the cert, the key and i would think that would be everything i need.

this works when you click through
this does not

i have checked the dns records, but perhaps they are wrong. i just have A records and whatever else was brought over from namecheap. it seems like the cert is valid if you check on the domain. but the ip doesn’t seem to think so for some reason.

I get a timeout at that IP address. Using the domain name, Cloudflare times out after 30 seconds.

If you set the DNS entry for to :grey:, does it work for you?

Do you see any connections in your logs? If it’s not a DNS issue, which you’ll find out using :grey:, then something at your end isn’t responding to Cloudflare in a reasonable amount of time.

ok. so i switched to dns only (:grey:) and found that nothing changed.
if i am running a local server do i need the ca? and do you guys know if isps block Cloudflare from initiating incoming requests? it’s just odd because i was able to do this with namecheap.

i see incoming connections in my logs, but it seems that only i can load that page. i just closed the tabs i had open to not mess with them. perhaps try again and i’ll see if i see you in the logs?

i also see this




** server can't find NXDOMAIN

The IP address does not work for me either ->

Just the hostname is all you need for nslookup.

ah, ok, cool. and thanks @sandro yeah, nothing in the logs here. but now it seems like something resolved. now resolves correctly but the cert is wrong. i have restarted my nginx server, checked it with nginx -t so that’s all connected correctly but the cert is broken somehow. perhaps that’s the 24hr that i have to wait for ssl?

It looks like it’s set to :grey:, so it’s still directly hitting your server…and timing out for me.

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