Error 522, Connection timed out

Ive had 4 websites down all day, Error 522 none stop, 12 hours so far. How the ■■■■ can yoo get out of this mess? Has Cloudflare just gone bust or something? Any ideas would be great…

Hi @rich.denning, here are some ideas for troubleshooting the 522, Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out. If you still see issues, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Edit - The name servers associated with your email are different than the name servers associated with the domain. Aside from that, a 522 happens if the origin server does not respond to Cloudflare queries within 60 seconds. The connection gets timed out and the website responds Error 522, usually a blocking or rate limiting issue.

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thanks, i will ask. I had a different account (2 users) from work/home. All websites still down, very strange.

my webhost did finally come back - Cloudflare where “hammering the CPU”, apparently. Thats why the IP was locked out (nice to know webhost!). Im trying to find why Cloudflare “hammered” the CPU…apparently, several others had the same issue…

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Good update, thank you. Is your host able to white-list Cloudflare IPs to avoid issues later?

not really. If Cloudflare hammer the server again (or whatever happened), they will block it…

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