Error : 522 Connection timed out

When I turn on proxy from cloudflare → DNS menu for my domain, then its started giving 522-connection timed out error

Skype, that’s something I haven’t seen in a while.

Does your domain work (with SSL) if you don’t proxy the record?

yes once I off proxied, it’s start working on SSL

Try changing your SSL encryption mode to Full (strict) if your current mode is Flexible.

We are not using cloudflare SSL certificate as we are using our standalone CA signed SSL certificate.
We are using cloudflate for security and CDN purpose.
It was working well on proxy after sometime suddently, it started giving timeout error.

The same on my side.

Many of my sites that I have behind CF for security and SSL, suddenly started popping 522.

I use virtualmin’s self-signed certificate on the server and then “FULL” on cloudflare SSL.

Sometimes the go to 522 straight and sometimes they partially load and the rest of CSS, IMAGES aren’t fetched with 522.

Anyone has any update on this?

You currently have a security issue.

Thanks for your input sandro.

I think it is not a security issue. The thing is that Cloudflare secures the connection from the client until Cloudflare and then the self-signed certificate secures the connection from Cloudflare to my server.
So, this security warning that you mention never shows up.

Of course it is, because you have no proper encryption, as described in the article.

What is the difference between a vendor’s ssl certificate and a self-signed certificate besides the issuer?

Addressed here.

I truly get your point, but you don’t get mine.
No point on continuing this conversation.

If your point is that you have no properly secured site, then sure.

Ok, back to the topic. Have you read through this:

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