Error 522 Connection timed out

Good Morning,
When accessing this link:
With my internet, it appears (Error 522 Connection timed out)
When I access this link via vpn, it opens on time.

What is happening, Cloudflare has blocked my own ip?

It’s quick for me. Does that 522 screen tell you the datacenter that’s timing out? It should have a three-letter airport code somewhere. Sometimes it’s in the Ray ID identifier.

And for the VPN, can you check the response headers for that resource for the cf-ray datacenter as well?

I do not know how to do that.
Just know that with my IP the site does not open properly, it opens all disassembled.
With VPN it opens the site full and fast.
My internet and fiber, has no cache, on the network.
And not only this site that is in trouble, I have another site that also has this problem.
And as if the Cloudflare blocked me from so much acessalos.
I already released my ip on the firewall, but it also did not work.

Ok, so it’s not working through Sao Paolo.

If you go through your VPN, can you open up Dev Tools in your browser (In Chrome, it’s the F12 key), then go to the Network tab. Once you load your site, click on one of your site’s files and look at the Response Headers. There should be a CF-Ray header with a three letter code. What is that code?

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