Error 522 Connection timed out

This happens with both sites, and all sub-domains using Cloudflare for DNS. If I connect using the IP addresses for the sites, I connect correctly, but if I use the domain name they all get Error 522. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s DNS Only, or DNS and HTTP Proxy. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but nothing has worked. I’ve been fighting this for over 2 weeks now.

I only chose Cloudflare because of the IPv4 access when the site is IPv6 only. It looks like I might need to use a different DNS provider, and tell those that don’t have IPv6 access that there is nothing I can do. Buying 10-20 public IPv4 addresses isn’t an option for me, and a reverse proxy won’t really work here.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If you want a list of what I have done please ask, but it will take a few days to write down that much.

I can access the sites using the IPv4 address, but not the domain name. I have found there is now something wrong with the IPv6 configuration that was working yesterday. When i have more time to look again I will work on the IPv6 connection, and update this.

I can’t leave the IPv4 firewall setup to access the sites for very long. The IPv4 address is needed for something else.

I don’t have an IPv6-only server, so I can’t experiment with this, though my home connection is IPv6.

Your Cloudflare DNS only has AAAA records? Are you getting the 522 from an IPv6 browser?

My theory is an IPv4 visitor will be routed through Cloudflare and try to get to your site via IPv4. Cloudflare only seems to have settings to allow IPv6 users to hit IPv4 servers, but not the other way around.

If none of the above helps, I suggest you open a Support Ticket. They should be able to track this down fairly quickly.

There is no option to create a ticket.

I Might as well start the DNS host migration. I’m not going to pay for a service that doesn’t work. I don’t care if paying for it would make it work. If I can’t see it will work for free it’s not worth paying for.

I changed one domain to use a different DNS provider, and all of those sites are working correctly. I didn’t have to change anything on the servers. Just using a different DNS provider solved all the timeout the issues, but as I expected people without IPv6 connections can’t access them.

If you go with DNS-only, I don’t see how an IPv4 user can connect to an IPv6-only server. Your server just isn’t going to respond to IPv4. This is where Cloudflare should step in with its HTTP proxy service, so their servers can listen on IPv4, and proxy to your IPv6 server.

To contact Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support