Error 522 - Connection timed out - website and vps not reachable


I recently added my website to CF and i added cf dns on my other provider and updated dnssec on both ( cf and my provider) my main website stopped working as it’s work only when i pause cf on site, all my dns record on CF dns as it’s scanned automatically from my provider. i have subdomain which they have A record point to my ip ( vps ) registered in cf. my subdomain working fine except one of my vps when i try to ssh via terminal ( ssh to my dns not ip ) not working, Wired right? and today i upgrade my vps apt upgrade and now its not reachable, i got Error 522 - Connection timed out. after upgrading. this VPS contain portainer and some of my docker. really wired as it was working yesterday and now after the upgrade stopped working. so basically the main website not working now and vps not reachable.


That’s because you are proxied through Cloudflare and my guess Cloudflare doesn’t expose orgin ip when proxied so if you want to connect through dns turn off the proxy for that domain

Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the ports required for a website like 80 and 443. Make sure your web servers are up

It’s a webserver from my provider and both ports 80 and 443 are open

and my provider doesn’t block CF IP’s
no firewall either

Pause the Cloudflare and than check what’s the issue

i did, nothing happen
now i did install CF cert into my cpanel ( my provider ) instead of cpanel cert i have now CF pem and key cert and still nothing happen

now it working but the proxy CF not working
IS there someone from CF look at my website record

main website it’s working now but the subdomain now working, same Error 522, i have CA and pem and key cert in my provider but i dont think this is a problem? any help

Working now

I just enable CF on site and reupload CF CA KEY PEM to my cpanel

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