Error 522 Connection Time Out


Sometimes my web site gots error 522 so the visitors has to refresh the pages and then it works normally. Btw, we experience this in the incognito modes of the browsers (Firefox, chrome etc …). So please help me i dont have any idea how can i fix this.

I have modsecurity and CSF as firewall on contabo vps, I also added Cloudflare’s ip addresses to CSF whitelist.

I also checked the topic but it did not help me…

99% of the time, 5xx errors are caused by the host. And I can’t remember a time where it wasn’t at the host. If it’s intermittent, I’m betting it’s a rate limiter, as suggested in tip #2.


I don’t think so it is not about my vps, I have enough resources and my adjustment looks fine.

Any help? I added the ip addresses of cloudflare to cphulk, csf, litespeed whitelists but still got the error…

It sounds like you’ve done quite a bit. If there’s an easy way to replicate the problem, let Support know and they might be able to see why it’s timing out.

Maybe can provide more insight. A 522 doesn’t say much about where the holdup is (network device, or server), so it would be nice to see if the connection is dying at the server or not.

Hi again, our server has 10 cpu and 60 gb resources, the other web sites works fine (also total cpu is under %10-15.) when i got the error and when you refresh the page it returns normal and some visitors may get this 522 error, some visitors doesnt get the error.

so i can say that if it is about server, 522 error should be because of cloudflare or any firewalls on the server… :roll_eyes:

If you’re lucky, Support can track the error by the Ray ID in the 522 error screen.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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