Error 522 connection time out . server working fine and IP not blocked :(


Im getting error 522 connection time out . server working and not blicking CF ip but still experiencing the issue
I contacted our server support and everything is ok with our server
the IPs of CF are not blocked
however CF is giving us errors

**now the website works too slow

how to resolve it ?

Have you tried the steps here?

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IP are not blocked and server working fine

Your first post says “now the website works too slow.”

How slow is that? Cloudflare times out after…15 seconds. But the request should show in your server log.

  1. Have you checked server logs for the request?
  2. How long does it take before the 522 screen shows up?
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it is too slow for my end . sometime it works some time i get this error
so i whonder what happen

And @sdayman’s first question?

in server logs :

Because the site is loading fine on our end. Also, I have checked the server error logs and nothing triggers in the logs.

I tried to traceroute an CF IP from my ip i got


1 ***** ***** *****

2 de 0.534 ms 0.532 ms 0.553 ms

3 de 2.773 ms de 2.813 ms 2.807 ms

4 ***** ***** *****

5 ***** ***** *****

6 ***** ***** *****

7 ***** ***** *****

8 ***** ***** *****

No reply for 5 hops. Assuming we reached firewall.

Peering. That seems to be related to Hetzner or their peering partner.

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I’m also using godaddy hosting. I’ve been getting a timeout error for the last two or three days. This problem only occurs in certain ISPs. Countries Turkey and I can not access my site on the internet where some GSM opertör line. Then it’s improving. My hosting doesn’t seem to have any intention. What could be the cause of the problem?
Sorry My English.

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