Error 522 Checklist

At some point my WordPress portfolio site, edwinbradford[dot]com, started returning random error 522 messages causing random images and scripts to fail to load and the page to take up to seventeen seconds to load.

I’ve been in touch with my hosting provider, Hawk Host, who say they can not reproduce the issue at their end, however I’m able to reproduce it on multiple devices with multiple browsers, cache disabled and vanilla installs.

I’ve read the Cloudflare guidance on error 522, the forum won’t let me link to it because I’m a new user.

  • I’m on a shared host
  • Cloudflare is also my domain registrar
  • Turning off proxy in Cloudflare for the A record has no effect
  • I’ve confirmed my Hawk Host IP address in my Cloudflare A record is correct
  • Hawk Host have confirmed Cloudflare IP addresses are allowlisted
  • I’ve disabled all firewalls on my client PC running the browser
  • Tried reverting my .htaccess file on my host to a previous one from months ago
  • Control Panel shows the site is using virtually no resources

I’m running out of ideas.

Hawk Host have suggested I enable LiteSpeed. I could purchase another domain and install a copy of my site on another server and test it, quickest method would be to purchase a WordPress shared host package for a month where everything is preconfigured.


Sorry you are having issues with 522. If you are able to reproduce the 522’s then please can you provide this below within a ticket.

As this will help us to identify if it is a timeout issue from an ISP or upstream.

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Thanks for the instructions, I’m still looking into this issue so I will update the ticket once I have more information.

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Hi Cloudflare Team

I just finished migrating my site to another hosting provider and all the issues are resolved plus it’s blisteringly fast now. There was clearly some issue between my previous hosting provider and Cloudflare but as they claimed to be unable to reproduce the issue, actually you needed to persist as it was sporadic, it was actually easier for me just to migrate the site.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

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