Error 522 - Can't login in from backend either


I am receiving a 522 error on my site:

I am using Godaddy and Cloudflare

I can’t login to wp-admin via Godaddy either

Can anyone advise?



Hi @kriss17388, Have you tried the steps here?

Hi there, I’ve tried what I can. Godaddy won’t let me in to the firewall settings though

At a guess, I would think that the most likely cause is

hosting provider is rate limiting or blocking IP requests from the Cloudflare IPs

Are you able to contact GoDady and ask them to whitelist the Cloudflare IPs and see if that does the trick?

I’ve tried reaching out to them on Twitter, but their chat is offline over the weekend. Thanks for your help so far!

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No problem, I think you will struggle to track it down without being able to get in touch with your support.

If you pause Cloudflare on your site:

On the overview page:


Does your site function as normal?

I’ve tried that before, but I’ll try again just incase I didn’t give it enough time. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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It’s been paused for about 10 mins now. Still no progress

OK, so that means that is probably not the issue - may well be server overload or similar… Can you see any server stats?

It’s very possible that it’s an overload as I sent an article to quite a big list earlier. I’m hoping it will start working once that load has lowered.

I think you will struggle to track down exactly what it is that is causing the issue until you get in touch with GoDaddy support, however it seems the server is not responding for whatever reason. Could well be overloaded.

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Thanks for your help!

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