Error 522 - Can't find the problem

BTW: I’m not using incognito

So it only occurs when in incognito mode?

Have you resolved your issue regarding error 522?

It loads fine and working correctly form my end now.
Tested 3 Web browsers + incognito mode + mobile ISP network.

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Yeah still can’t replicate it

No, also in normal mode.

I got the error a few minutes ago in a normal browser window. I opened the homepage, then clicked on a post. The featured image was not there, so I clicked on reload and got an Error 522. This was on another website on that server.

Have you tried restarting your router and clearing your Web browser cache?

May I ask who is your hosting provider? Maybe they blocked something or prevent Cloudflare to connect?

Does anything changes if you Pause Cloudflare for your domain?
Or temporary switch the :orange: cloud DNS records to :grey: cloud?

May I ask have you checked the suggestions from the below article?:

Have you allowed Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your new host/origin?
Maybe you need to allow Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your host/origin server:

IP list here:

How about your web application?, does it work on a port which is compatible with Cloudflare as follows in the below article:

May I also ask if you have got an SSL certificate for your domain and your sub-domain(s) installed at your host/origin server?

Can you check what have you got selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard? Is it Full SSL or something other?

Have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

Yeah cause no error on my end


Thanks for your help. No, I still get random Error 522 on the websites on my server. It’s hard to replicate with a specific process. I think, when a page is loaded correctly, it will load correctly from then on. Only when a page is loaded the first time it maybe can produce an Error 522. Or when it’s loaded with missing elements (like a featured image) and you reload the page, it can happen too.

It maybe happens when I purge the cache. It maybe happens when the cache is expired.

I don’t know all this technical stuff, but I think there is something wrong in the communication between Cloudflare and my server. Is there a way to find out, what and how they communicate?

So random 522’s?


The server is on Google Cloud Platform with Ubuntu 18.04 and Webinoly. I whitelisted all CF IPv4 in the firewall settings.

Yes, then the problem doesn’t exist anymore. I then get no errors.
This site was not accessible this morning so I turned the orange cloud into gray. It still is gray and the traffic goes directly to my server.


Cloudflare IP addresses are whitelisted.

It’s port 443. Port is open.

Yes, I have a Let’s Encrypt Certificate installed.

It’s on Full (not Full strict). I read hat Full is faster than Full strict. That’s why it’s on Full.

No, not yet. I wanted to ask the community here first.

Well have you tried enabling “development mode”?

Random =

  • It happens on all webpages on that server when on Cloudflare proxy.
  • It does not happen only on specific URLs.

Well “DNS Only” mode can expose your server’s IP addresses

Yes, I tried development mode. I could not replicate the error then. But I only tested it twice but with the same process, I once could replicate the error.

Yes, it exposes my IP address. That’s one reason I use Cloudflare. The other reason is that my server has websites on it with audiences in the US and in Europe.

So I would love if we can solve the problem. :smiley:

And an exposed IP address is a security risk

What is your security level set to?

I’ll keep trying to regenerate the error

Maybe there is a certain record that (when proxyed) is causing connections to time out, this maybe time-consuming but try doing the records one by one to proxyed (first set them all to proxied) then set them all to DNS only 1 by 1 until it no longer shows the error

Yes, I know that it’s a security risk. But for the moment I only have two options:
Security risk vs Error 522

Security level is set as medium.