Error 522 - All sites

Hello, i have all my Sites on Cloudflare.

Today, every 20 minutes i guess, sites are down and displayed Error 522.

My hosting provider told me that the reason of this situation is Cloudflare.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance

They always do and they rarely are right.

522s are covered in detail at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out as well as countless threads.

Either your server won’t be reachable at all or your host blocks Cloudflare. Both is something only your host can fix I am afraid.

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Who is your hosting provider?
If you using shared hosting, it may be your site is overloaded and need to upgrade to use more resource.
If you use VPS then may be your server was overloaded and need to reconfig or upgrade.


Either your server won’t be reachable at all or your host blocks Cloudflare

This may be not the reason because if it block, then it could be block all time, not every 20 minutes.

I guest server is overloaded because of over resources set by Hosting Provider.

It could be rate limiting. The point is the issue will be with the host and they need to fix it, as so often. That’s not a Cloudflare related issue.

Yes, agree. This problem related to Hosting Provider, not Cloudflare.

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