Error 522 after DDOS attack

Hello !
After some ddos attacks which stopped now, it seems my website won’t agree to take me to itself … as shown in the screen
it says error 522

Even tho the website it points at works wonders : /

Please keep in mind that everything was working fine before the ddos which happened a few days ago and i thought all would be fine after but it seems the domain name doesn’t take me to the website …

If anybody could help or point me in the right direction i would be very glad!

Thanks a bunch

DDoS Attacks usually do not leave traces once they top; however, in some cases servers might not recover automatically.
Usually this means the webserver crashed, server ran out of storage (this can be pretty bad), IP nullrouting/firewall misconfiguration or something around those lines.

  1. Since you already shared the backend ip; can you share the DNS and SSL settings?
  2. Can you share CF stats? Graphs, visitor count that occurred during the attac.
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Hello !
Here is what you asked for, please let me know if you could help with the issue

Alright; thank you for sharing.

I think that your backend might have blocked CF IPs after the attack. The firewall on your server might have observed a lot of connections coming from CF and assumed it was a malicious attack, however, because it can’t parse the “real” IP addresses, the firewall assumed CF was carrying the attack.

I’d reach out to your hosting provider and ask them about what firewall they have that is causing this


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