Error 522 Across All My CloudFlare Domains?

Hello. You will forgive me for asking what may appear to be on the surface a rather simple query, but I have 11 domains on the FREE plan on CloudFlare which were all working fine earlier this the week. Today however (7th Feb 2020) I notice that they are all off-line and showing a Error 522 message. Despite contacting my hosting provider (GoDaddy) as instructed on the page , they are telling me this is CloudFlare matter. Am I alone in this regard ? Any advice as to how to rectify this problem would be most appreciated. Kind Regards | Justin

Thanks for your reply @sdayman but my error message is an Error 522 message and not Error 521. As mentioned in my message all was fine and then for no apparent reason everything has suddenly gone off-line. Any idea’s ?? Justin

Hence “example” search :wink:


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