Error 522 a huge headache

I have been having random error 522 happening in my website. This has been going on for a few months now and I’ve tried to find and solve the problem by looking through Cloudflare Forum threads such as

and many other places online but nothing has worked so far.

I even contacted my hosting company and even they weren’t able to solve the issue for me. They check and troubleshoot their servers and they found no issue and everything was working perfectly fine on their end. They took a look at my website and such and didn’t find any problems. I told them to double check on their server rate limiting and Cloudflare IP being whitelisted etc etc and my hosting company checked all of the possibilities and they said the server wasn’t having any issues

A few points

  • Error 522 happens ONLY randomly but when I refresh the browser its back to normal.

  • It happens especially more often when I publish my post on Wordpress.

  • I operate a comic website so for example, usually out of the 30 images, 1 or 2 images will fail to load and give an error 522.

  • The error 522 for the image doesn’t get fixed by itself when I refresh my browser

  • The same images that fails to load actually would load just fine on other network. I’ve asked my friends to test and access the image from their end and it would load fine for them but not for me. I have made my friend test this with dozen of my images that gave me an error 522 but it would worked just fine on their end.

  • The same image that gave me an error 522. I tried and test it myself by using a VPN and it would load perfectly fine for me. but when i turn it off and the error 522 came back.

  • Also I realize once my friend access the image. Moments later I was able to access it myself and the error 522 is gone which i assume Cloudflare cached it once they accessed it?

  • Setting Cloudflare to Development Mode actually fixes this issue.

  • I’ve double checked my DNS setting and everything looks fine to me, My hosting company support even check it for me and they said it was fine.

Could this be my personal home network issue?

From further testing I realized that when I’m trying to access the images that was giving an error 522 on a VPN. Certain geo I connected to like London still gave me the error 522.

But switching to Japan geo on my VPN I was able to access the image without any issue. Which is weird cause it seems like this is Geo related? Could this be Cloudflare CDN server routing issue for my website?

here are also my Cloudflare error analytics

I’m also getting the dreaded 522’s, since late last Friday 23 October. I’ve written at length about it on another post that seemed to have more activity.

The tread you’ve link is related to an Error 520, Are they related in any way?

And also I’ve noticed that by spamming refresh on my browser for the images that is giving me error 522, it seems to fix by itself if i constantly spam the refresh button like 50 times.

I probably posted on the wrong thread. Nonetheless Error 5xx’s tend to apportion the blame on the origin server.

Weirdly enough, Recently i have been getting error 520 on my website right now as well.

Is no one going to reply to this thread with help?

We cleared up our errors by bypassing CloudFlare and argotunnel.

Once we bypassed CF DNS proxy and the argo, everything cleared up. So we turned it back on and then did some troubleshooting with our ISP. None of that made a difference to make the problem any better or worse. After a few days, we turned the CloudFlare DNS proxy and argotunnels back on and it was fine.

So, we’re not sure what the fix was since everyone said they didn’t make any changes. Could have been something at a provider along the way from where our webservers are and where CloudFlare is. Could have been a bug on CF side, our ISP’s side or somewhere else. But, it’s working for us and everything is back on. Very strange.

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