Error 522/524 on several CF sites

Hi guys, I’m having the same issue as this Error 522 Connection Time Out on my site - DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community

In short, several sites in CF are returning error 522 or 524 but only on one ISP (Altice in Dominican Republic), I have tested sites on 3 different accounts, including the one on the above link, and at least 2 different hosting providers (Inmotion Hosting and Godaddy). If I bypass CF or connect from a different ISP, everything works correctly.

While it looks like an issue with the ISP, I don’t know what to tell them in order to troubleshoot the issue, or if the problem is on CF side.

Thanks in advance.

Are you the owner of these sites?

If not: We can’t help you, and can only help the website owner (or someone w/ access to the account)!

If so: Check out the articles below to help resolve your issue

Hi, I found the issue with my sites, tested with sites on a friends account, all returned the same error on this ISP only, if opened on a different ISP they work correctly. That’s the reason I don’t think it’s related to the hosting company.

I will review the tutorials you linked and see if those tips can help.

Thanks for your help.

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