Error 522 , 2019.04.30


As the error screen shows, there’s most likely something going on with your server. It’s often some sort of firewall blocking.

@wpell95 Same problem. What server are you with? Seems to me apparently only from Spain?

@sdayman I have already given a thousand laps and I can not find a solution. Through Tor, the page works perfectly for me. I have contacted the server service and they say that it works perfectly for them. Have you solved it?

I see the error screen is Los Angeles, which is where I route through. So I get the same timeout.

What I see is www times out, but non-www does not. That tells me that your server is not responding to the www hostname. If you can’t fix that at the server, you can use a Page Rule at Cloudflare to redirect all www to the non-www site.

Page Rule: Forwarding URL (301) to:$1

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Thank you.
It’s solved. :smile:


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