Error 522 10121

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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?
yes, added CNAME. CNAME Flatten button was grayed-out.

Please share your search results url:

When you tested your domain using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center, what were the results?

Describe the issue you are having:
Browser times out when loading

What error message or number are you receiving?

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Changed A record to CNAME
    2.Deleted 2 CNAMEs and tried A record only
  2. Tried 1 A record and 1 CNAME

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?
The site is new

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

Hello there,

Did you check out the #CommunityTip or #tutorial for any help? May I suggest you to try with this guide:

Hello neiljay,

I contacted Google. They said Cloudflare should resolve this. Here’s their response:

Please also provide them this link for your reference. Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

That link stated that the domain is pointed through them already and we don’t see any error on your domain account.

My account is free, how do I contact support?

Thank you,

:thinking: I really don’t know why they thought that information was helpful in any way whatsoever…oh google, you know everything and then…

Is google hosting your site or did you purchase a domain through them? Your hosting provider, the one that owns the ip address of your A record, should show the 522 timeout errors in their logs. They are the Support desk you want to contact. Cloudflare does not generate a 522, we just pass them through from the hosting provider.

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Hello Cloonan,
I contacted Google again and this was their response:
10:34:47 AM Alysia Verdell: Alysia Verdell joined the conversation
10:34:47 AM Yanice: Yanice joined the conversation
10:34:49 AM Yanice: Hi Alysia Verdell. Welcome to Google Domains Support. My name is Yanice. How are you today?
10:35:09 AM Alysia Verdell: Hello Yance
10:36:38 AM Yanice: I’m good, thanks! I understand you need help with connecting the domain to your website.
10:37:54 AM Alysia Verdell: yes, please see the following:Chat transcript for case: 1-1867000032864
Sep 28, 1:56 PM (Pacific Time)
10:39:08 AM Yanice: Thanks for providing this information.
10:39:19 AM Yanice: Please give me a few minutes to check it further.
10:39:28 AM Alysia Verdell: ok
10:42:24 AM Yanice: Thanks for waiting.
10:42:40 AM Yanice: Upon checking, the domain is using custom name servers to connect the domain to your website.
10:44:24 AM Alysia Verdell: yes, I contacted Cloudflare and this was their response:Is google hosting your site or did you purchase a domain through them? Your hosting provider, the one that owns the ip address of your A record, should show the 522 timeout errors in their logs. They are the Support desk you want to contact. Cloudflare does not generate a 522, we just pass them through from the hosting provider.
10:48:08 AM Yanice: Thanks for this. As for custom name servers, Google Domains does not have access and control of these custom name servers from our end.

Upon checking the site on my end when I entered the, I was directed to this landing page with Cloudflare which is an indication that the domain is properly connected to Cloudflare:
10:48:18 AM Yanice: Screenshot 2022-09-30 1.47.13 AM.png
10:49:48 AM Yanice: With this, it’s the website that is not working properly as this is already reflecting the Cloudflare landing page. With Google Domains, we can only guide and assist on how to connect the domain to website using the DNS records, such as custom name servers, provided by your webhost.
10:50:54 AM Yanice: with this, please reach out with your web host provider for more details and to check the website on their end.
10:51:27 AM Alysia Verdell: when I try to log on it times out before connecting .
10:52:02 AM Alysia Verdell: Google is my web host provider.
10:53:56 AM Yanice: Your webhost provider is the one who provided these custom name servers. Though the domain is registered with Google Domains and Google host the domain account, the website is not with Google Domains.
10:55:14 AM Yanice: If you’re referring to Google Webhosting service, this will be with Google Sites or Google My Business however, this does not use Cloudflare custom name servers. This is most likely that the website is with Cloudflare.
10:56:52 AM Alysia Verdell: I used Cloudflare custom name servers
10:58:17 AM Yanice: Yes that is correct. Which is why you need to check with Cloudflare for more information on why the website is not reflecting and these custom nameservers pointed the domain to this landing page with error 522 code.
11:00:33 AM Alysia Verdell: when I sent the info Quency provided, that was their response contact Google Support to fix it.
11:01:58 AM Yanice: Apologies for the confusion. Google Domains does not have access and control over this custom name servers.
11:03:20 AM Yanice: These custom name servers were enabled on the domain to connect the domain to the website however it pointed the domain to this Cloudflare landing error page and not the website itself. Which is why this needed to be checked with your webhost end.
11:04:51 AM Alysia Verdell: so what should I do?
11:06:25 AM Yanice: To be honest this is something that needs to be checked with your web host provider.
11:09:26 AM Yanice: On the domains end, the domain is active and no errors on the end. The fact that the domain was pointed to this Cloudflare landing page, this is already on their end that needs to be checked.
11:11:04 AM Yanice: I hope I was able to explain in the best possible way.
11:11:15 AM Yanice: I appreciate your patience.

11:11:24 AM Alysia Verdell: ok, thank you Yanica, I’ll send this info back to Cloudflare.
11:11:40 AM Yanice: Glad to assist you on this. Apart from this, anything else I can assist you with?
11:12:37 AM Alysia Verdell: no, this is all. Have a great day🙂
11:12:51 AM Yanice: Cool! Have a great day and stay safe!
11:13:13 AM Yanice: Yanice left the conversation
11:13:13 AM Yanice: Please take a minute to provide your feedback about Google Domains chat support: Share Google Domains customer support feedback - Google Domains Help
11:13:13 AM Yanice: Yanice ended the conversation
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That is a good suggestion

Very poor conclusion, Cloudflare does not host your site (exceptions apply, but not here).

Again, good suggestion

No, that is not the case, the site is pointed to the hosting provide that owns the IP address used as the value for your A record.

Third time they suggested this, good suggestion,

Ah, ok.

I think the issue is you are contacting google domains, did you register the domain through them? It really does not matter, although I think the answers from google domains support for anything other than a google domain question will be not helpful.

If I look at domain registration I see.

$ whois 
organisation: VeriSign Global Registry Services
address:      12061 Bluemont Way
address:      Reston Virginia 20190
address:      United States

But, your the registrar is not the answer to your question. The answer is with your hosting provider. You probably pay them every month or year to host your site so you should show some record of that. To identify your hosting provider, login to and go to your domain name, then to the DNS app. Locate an A record named Look at the value of that record, it will look like That is the IP address of your origin server. Copy that IP address and go to

Enter the IP you copied and the results will help you to find your hosting provider. That hosting provider will have logs that show the 522 error and that’s where you need to start to troubleshoot this.


Thank you Cloonan for all your help.
The problem was with my modem.

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