Error 521 - Works with Internet explorer but not other browsers


I recently just integrated cloudflare onto my website and I’m having one little issue with it. I was able to properly do the SSL Certificate, but in doing so I keep getting 1 main error which is 521.

I looked around the community forums but I was unable to find my current problem. The problem currently is that the website establishes connection on Internet Explorer, but with other browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari does not work.

I know error 521 is a Host error, but I don’t know what the exact error is. I use web hosting off of Heavynode and use there Cpanel. If anyone knows how to solve this please let me know because currently I can only access the website on internet explorer


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Loads just fine in Firefox

I haven’t tested in Firefox yet so thanks for letting me know. I know I still have the 521 error on safari and Chrome. I’m a little unsure why though if Explorer and Firefox works.

It rather seems to be an issue in Canada

Your host most likely blocks connections from Cloudflare’s Canadian datacentre.

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Thanks so much man Ill make sure to contact my web host to let them know.

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