Error 521 when accessing website

We are not able to access as it keeps showing us error 521, it seems that the host server is refusing connection. We made sure we payed the subscription fee. We white listed all the cloudflare IP address’s in the firewall settings and the problem still persists. Is there a way of resolving this issue?

Thank you,

Web Developer at the McGill Tribune

Your site is not secure, you need to make an SSL certificate, also I don’t get the error, what steps did you do to get this error

Does your server IP address end in 133?

What difference would that make?

It makes all the difference if it’s reachable in the first place.

Yes, but why can I reach it but other’s can’t?

Difference to what?

Also, how did you establish that?

Not secure icon in the upper left hand corner and no certificate when I click on it so that’s likely why

That’s supposed to happen when you load something via HTTP.


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