Error 521 website works fine when non-proxied or via direct IP

Since there is no technical support for free users and no clear debugging tools to figure out why Cloudflare crapped itself I’m hoping to find an answer here.

As the title said the website works fine when non-proxied or via direct IP.
The DNS of the website (set inside Cloudflare) is pointing towards a VPS I control. I’ve even disabled the firewall but no luck. No error logs or access logs from my VPS about Cloudflare.
SSL is set to Flexible.
DNS nameservers set to what Cloudflare wants it to be.

If you need any other info please let me know. Thanks.

And that’s with HTTPS?

The domain name would help. If it doesn’t let you post because it’d be a link, list it as example[.]com, or something like that to obfuscate the link.

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