Error 521 Webserver is down, hosting says not them

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I have two sites that have been working fine for months and months. Today, I get notification that the site(s) isn’t loading. Hosting insists the server is fine, I can access the site via the IP address. They have checked the cloudflare IP addresses and nothing is blocked. Their solution is to change the name servers to point to them and skip cloud flare. BUT we are using cloudflare to speed up the site. I don’t know what to do at this point since they say it’s not them. They had me delete and recreate the A record for the domain, clear the cache. At some point one of their techs said they restarted some services and it worked fine for a bit, but then an hour later it went down again. They still insist it’s not them.

The sites so far are and I would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has any. Otherwise this evening I will have to point the name servers back to Green Geeks hosting.

Thanks so much!

Since you’ve got nothing to lose, go to the Overview tab and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” and see if that works. It’s strange that a restart at their end fixed it, but it’s possible that reset any rate limiting. But if unpausing gets the site working, then take a look at this:

Thank you for the suggestion. Pausing cloudflare, the website still doesn’t open saying it cannot establish a connection to the server.

Anything else I might try?


Then it’s definitely a server error. Leave Cloudflare paused until you and your host can get this working again. I’ve met with the GreenGeeks people a few times, and they’ve always been very helpful. I expect they’ll be able to get this sorted out.

Unfortunately they would only help after changing the name servers to theirs. That produced an invalid certificate error even after everything showed it had fully propagated and clearing the cache. They looked into it and several hours later it started working. The only issue is now the site is slower without Cloudflare. Sigh.

Thank you for your time and support. At least the site is back up.

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