Error 521: Webserver is down, but webserver is up (and only 1 domain not working?)

We have a webserver hosting a handful of sites. Two examples showing the current issue: - This site is showing the error in the title. We’ve looked through the server, and don’t see anything wrong. We also got our hosting company’s server techs to look, again - nothing wrong. Rebooted both the webhost and database servers to no avail.

The same server is hosting other sites which are all working normally. Some of these sites have Cloudflare enabled as well, other don’t. One that does is - you can see it loads up normally, both static pages and pages with database requirements.

When we’ve had server troubles before, the 521 error would show up after a few moments of trying to load, now it appears instantly on any URL, including ones with Query strings.

All of these are showing an instant 521 error. Our server is up and running, all of the Cloudflare IP addresses are whitelisted on the server (and you’d think if that was the issue, my xhynk site wouldn’t load either?)

When visiting a static file,, it briefly loaded with a “too many redirects” error and now is showing the 521 error as well?

Edit: Spamming refresh loads the text file about 5-10% of the time, while showing the 521 error instantly other times.

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