Error 521 Webserver down (But it's not)

Hello there,

I have updated my DNS settings at GoDaddy with the nameservers assigned to me by Cloudflare.

However, now I am getting Error521 when I try my domain name . I know that my web server is up because I can get to it fine when I try another domain name pointing to the same location.

When I ping my domain name I get a response from, and when I do a reverse loopup on that IP I get a response from a completely different nameserver than what was assigned to me by Cloudflare.

I logged into Godaddy and confirmed that the correct nameserver are listed.

What’s going on? It’s been a full day. Do I just need to give it more time to update?

Thanks you!

When I ping both of the name servers assigned to me by Cloudflare I get a response from the following:

But when I ping my domain name I get a response from a completely different Cloudflare name server and IP

Since I can’t post links, here are pictures for better context.

:tada: Cloudflare is working, the actual server IP is masked!

You pinged a different server(s), it’s not going to give the same IP, that is expected behaviour.

Not the correct name server responding. Is that an expected behavior? Should I not get a response from my assigned name server?

That is the nameserver for your domain - it has nothing to do with the nameservers for the reverse lookups on an IP address.

The IPs aren’t exclusive for your domain and will be shared by other customers since all of Cloudflare’s network is anycast.

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