Error 521 - Web server is down


Almost a year ago, I started using Cloudflare’s SSL and transferred the nameservers from Namecheap to Cloudflare. Everything worked just fine, my website speed significantly improved etc. However, I’m experiencing some problems now. Firstly, my site was getting surprisingly slow from the back end, and in one moment, it stopped responding, and all I could see on the front-end was this error: “Error 521 - the website is down”. There was a short explanation at the top of the screen, however, I cannot provide the screenshot now. I contacted Namecheap support and they told me that the trouble is related to Cloudflare and that I need to go to my account there and pause my website. surprisingly, I managed to enter the website in an instant. I left it that way a couple of days and activate my site again in Cloudflare. After 1 day, I was unable to enter to my website on front-end and back-end too, again. However, this time it didn’t show any of the errors, it just couldn’t open and loaded like forever without an end. I would like to fix it for good, but I don’t know how and I would appreciate your help.


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