Error 521: Web server is down


When I try to connect to my server over the regular domain ( it gives me back the Error 521

But when I connect via direct link ( it works without problems.


Your server doesn’t accept SSL connections:

I guess your SSL setting here is “Full” or "Full (Strict). Set it to “Flexible” and try again. Or allow traffic on port 443 respectively tell your Apache to listen on this port.


i didn’t make a misstake by typing http instead of https for the direct connection since it’s not connected to the cloud.

I changed the SSL to Flexible and I could connect via the root domain. Thank you!


Your’re welcome.

But I’d recommend to sort it out. Your visitors will see a green padlock and traffic between them and CloudFlare is encrypted. Traffic between CloudFlare and your server is not since the traffic is redirected to HTTP.

Regarding your SRV record:
create an A record like “ts.”, point it to your IP and set it to :orange:
Change the domain in the SRV value to The CNAME exposes your origin IP address. which makes the setup almost useless. (regarding the protection)

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