Error 521: Web server is down Part 2

I’ve recently starting getting this “Error 521: Web server is down” in several emails, but each time the site is absolutely fine and when I check the IP, it’s not the IP of my server.

Now, one quick note is - I’ve recently installed Ezoic (ad platform) on my site and I’m using their Cloudflare integration:

But, I reached out to them and the IPs aren’t theirs either.
So, I’m sort of confused.
Any help is appreciated.

PS I saw this topic before but it was closed with no solution. I have the exact same problem.

hi @david.andrew.smith.j !

where this email coming from? Can you write more details about the situation?
A 521 error happens when Cloudflare is unable to make a TCP connection to your origin server. Cloudflare tries to connect to your origin server on port 80 or 443, but receiving a connection refused error.
This is often caused by security or firewall software and happens if the origin server has directly refused Cloudflare’s proxy request.
here some ideas to check more:


The email is form Cloudflare. [email protected]

Yes, I know what 521 error means. The IP address Is not from my server.

In fact, I have been receiving this email over and over for several months.

For the first month, I checked with SiteGround and they said there was nothing in the logs for this.

Now I am at CloudWays and I still get the same email.

Each time I receive the email it has a different IP address for my sever. The IP address is not from my origin server.

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That’s great and good to know.
definitely, something is going on because you are getting these notifications.

I suppose that you have already troubleshoot the network connections, and you haven’t found any error.
The interesting thing here is, that you get notifications from another IP.
so i thing its a good thing to contact with the support, and report the incident.
Can’t thing something else right now, but if something comes up i will let you know.

Yes each time, the email from Cloudflare says my domain name (correct) followed by an IP address for my server (that supposedly refused connection) but with the wrong IP address. IN fact, I have at least 20 emails (all from Cloudflare), each with a different IP address, but the correct domain. I thought that it was Siteground. Even though there support said nothing of the kind was happening. But now I get the same email on Cloudways.

An email from Cloudflare saying:

Server Unreachable
Requests to the following origin have been failing for at least five minutes:
(my domain name):

This IP is not mine, as seen from login into Cloudways and viewing my dedicated IP.

So, lots of emails from Cloudflare, right domain name, wrong IP address, across 2 hosting providers.

Any more questions?

Any help would be nice.


ok, that’s great information so we can investigate more this error.
here is a community tip about email alerts and origin unreachable:

i did a research of the IP, and seems like the ip belongs to Amazon AWS
are you using any amazon EC2 services(load-balancer, auto-scaling, etc.) that may dynamically allocate IPs and instances?
this is a question that originally posted on this thread

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