Error 521: Web Server is down Can anybody help?

It happened after I turned on ‘Always use https’ feature. By the way, I just got cloudfare’s nameserver approval from my registrar. https takes time or what?

Assuming your server IP address ends in 23, it would appear as if your webserver does not listen on HTTPS. Contact your host to get that fixed.

My host is atspace and i am hosting a free domain from it. what should I specify to my host?

I dont know if your host offers it at all, if they dont you will need a different host.

What you basically need is that your host/server serves your site on port 443 (HTTPS) and presents a valid HTTPS certificate.

OK thank you. I found out that it is a paid feature in my hosting service. Can you name some good free hosting sites that serves port 443? It would be helpful!

I am afraid I cant, but I wouldnt bother with that. Regular hosting really is not expensive and you wont have to deal with all sorts of HTTPS addons. Just make sure you get a decent host, even some paid hosts try to make some extra money by charging for HTTPS.

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