Error 521 Ray ID: 47ed58c1db7f989b • 2018-11-24 16:45:34 UTC

Error 521 Ray ID: 47ed58c1db7f989b • 2018-11-24 16:45:34 UTC
Web server is down

When I access the site through domain its returning 521 error code, which means server is down, but the server is working perfectly, here is the ip address of the server:, you can access the http url using ip address correctly Even we have configured same IP to on cloud-flare and that working fine as well. Not sure what configuration blocking the web server access on

Created ticket on cloud-flare support, but no response, It’s been more than two weeks now :slight_smile: .

Please help me to troubleshoot and fix the issue.


VIjay Mohan

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@vijay3, can you share the ticket number from two weeks ago? I see one from a few days ago that has some activity, but nothing older :confused:

Did you verify your host has white listed the Cloudflare IPs and is not rate limiting? There are some other suggestions in this tip, Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down that may help.

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Here is the latest ticket:

Old ticket i created using support email, but i never got any confirmation on that.

I am sure there is no rate limiting or whitelisting needed because same IP working for site.

Please let me know what is the best way to troubleshoot this issue?

I started with the suggestions in the tip:

A curl will show your host is refusing the connection on port 443, they should check their firewall and perhaps you can set ssl to flexible until they resolve it?

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