Error 521 page is being experienced recently

Also happening for us here. We’re routed through the MELB pop


I can confirm across 3 physical locations and multiple domains, I am seeing consistent 521 errors. My error rate has gone up severely.

Last twelve hours for me:

Hi all i am having same problems as everyone else

  1. is there a away to disable cloudflare just so my website users can work
    but not have to change all my dns info and wait for the servers to update
  2. any idea if anyone is attending to this
  3. can i safely say now that this is not my hosting providers issue and there is a problem with clouflare
    I have been having heart palpitations lol

u may try to turn on development mode

But development mode is bypassing cache, not bypassing proxy.

Meanwhile, any business user get feedback from Cloudflare support?

ya… or you may just turn off the orange cloud proxy in the DNS section

CloudFlare has announced it:

Cloudflare Status

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I see they say it is only affecting a subset of locations. I have nothing to do with Oceania and Asia :smile: But great they identified it

I only use cloudflare for cdn , I have changed my dns
if i enable development mode, wont it break connectivity to my website
Sorry i am very green when it comes to CDN and cloudflare

It won’t break, as CF just don’t cache your content, and all contents serve from your origin server directly.

wonderful please can you tell me how
i am logged in but not sure what to do
If it doesn’t work I can always turn it back on correct

Got it log in got to caching configuration
then enable dev mode correct

If it’s not critical, I advise you be patient as CF is implementing a fix.
For development mode, you can read it here, Understanding Cloudflare Development Mode – Cloudflare Help Center

i will do that thank you so much asparagus and all community members
first time for me on this forum and working with cloudflare
you all rock

Also error 521. Recently, Cloudflare has been working very badly on a free plan! The response time is long.

Increased HTTP 521 Errors

Resolved - Cloudflare has resolved the issue and services have resumed normal operation.
Feb 10, 08:16 UTC

Same situation here.