Error 521 on website I use often

Throwaway account because it was required

Cloudfare for some odd reason keeps throwing 521 errors in when I use this website called Nexus. For some odd reason, even when I “wait a few minutes” like it tells me to, it doesn’t want to work. Outagedown says it’s online, but Cloudfare says it isn’t, and in the troubleshooting guide the only solution for the 521 error is “contact your internet service provider”, which just leaves me in utter confusion and makes me distrust this service. Obviously I don’t own the website nor do I use this service, but I was left with questions left unanswered.

Can you share Ray ID with us?

Using some CMS liek WordPress or?

Does the error change when you switch from “Full SSL” to “Flexible SSL”?
What happens when you deactivate Cloudflare? - make the “gray” clouds instad of “orange”

Who is your hosting provider? Maybe there is some blocking requests from origin to Cloudflare?

I… Am more confused than I was at the time of posting this

The website is back up for now. If it breaks down again I will try to answer to the best of my ability

521 is usually rate limit at origin, shared hosting probably

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