Error 521 on

When my goes through cloudflare, I get error 521 but when I point directly from the domain provider, it goes through. Please help

My two other domains, and are pointed to the same IP and are working perfectly. They’re both going through cloudflare as well

Here’s the community_tip

Hi, thank you for your response. I have 2 other domains that’s pointed to the same IP and do not have 521 errors. and

I’ve now pointed it back to cloudflare and it’s giving me the same error

Your origin host is refusing the connection. You need to dig at your host for the solution. Read the attached article for more information.

Two of my domains point to the same IP. When I point my other domains, it works fine except for this domain. However, when I dont use cloudflare on this domain, it works perfectly fine

Better suggested is to Pause Cloudflare for the domain and troubleshoot the same. Refer to the guide attached guide.

Where’s the guide? Thank you for you for taking the time to help out btw

If you scroll :point_up_2: the CommunityTip is attached. If you still wander, you can always :search: for answers in the forum.