Error 521 for the whole night & day

So kept getting Error 520 for the past week, Namecheap support says it’s on Cloudflare end as theres no errors on Namecheap logs and Cloudflare says it’s a problem with the host, basically, no help has been provided at all from either side.

Tried to fix the issue by tweaking the settings in Cloudflare, added auto minify JS,HTML,CSS, changed SSL to Flexible from Full (because my other site also hosted on namecheap was also on Flexible) and now I get Error 521 PERMANENTLY.

Sometimes the site loads but it’s all messed up and on refresh I get error 521 again.


I have tried turning it all off and changing to the old settings + enable development mode but no luck. DNS settings are fine too.

Well, that is easy to find out by checking if you can connect directly to Namecheap. If that works it isnt Namecheap, if it doesnt you have your answer as well :slight_smile:

What do you mean connect directly to namecheap?

Not going via Cloudflare’s proxy.

not working so it’s namecheap hosting but if they say it isn’t their problem and that there’s no issues on their side…

Then this is proven wrong by the test you just did.

The issue - at least right now - is that your server presents an HTTPS certificate not valid for your domain. This is something you need to sort out with your host.

I changed SSL from Full to Flexible, think that may be the issue? I didn’t have this HTTPS certificate not valid before doing this but my other domain on the same hosting plan had the SSL at flexible so I thought it was wise to do the same since the other site has never had issues

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It might be a temporary fix, but it is not the issue. By switching to Flexible you basically broke the encryption and your site is not secure anymore.

Your host should install a proper certificate on your server and if they cant do that look for a better host.

Namecheap says they offer free SSL. Have you found a way to install an SSL certificate on your server? Their cPanel interface should have a way.

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Should be good no? or do I have to do something else

I am not too familiar with Namecheap’s hosting control panel. The might be alright, just give it a try.

still says the same

Nevermind, we’re back to error 521 AGAIN.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings?

I’d probably open a support ticket at this point.

Your server seems to be reachable and occasionally Cloudflare does return content, however mostly it is a 521. Either thats a Cloudflare issue or there is some rate-limiting on Namecheap’s side which prevents Cloudflare from connecting.

Only Cloudflare can say more at this point.

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Already did, it’s just back and forth from both supports saying it’s the other one’s fault.

Did you send them a connection ID and could they tell you what the reason for the failed connection was?

What do you mean by connection ID