Error 521 email
yesterday night i received this email ,but my site was working fine ,but today morning i found that my site has lost position from the first google search page in mobile browser but in desktop browser its fine

Server Unreachable

Requests to the following origin have been failing for at least five minutes:

Check out this article from our help center:

[Error 521: Web server is down]

Error 521 occurs when the origin web server refuses connections from Cloudflare. Security solutions at your origin may block legitimate connections from certain [Cloudflare IP addresses]

The two most common causes of 521 errors are:

  • Offlined origin web server application
  • Blocked Cloudflare requests


  • Ensure your origin web server is responsive
  • Review origin web server error logs to identify web server application crashes or outages.
  • Confirm Cloudflare IP addresses] are not blocked or rate limited
  • Whitelist all Cloudflare IP ranges] in your origin web server’s firewall or other security software
    If you need additional background on this alert, review this

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