Error 521 code 1001

Hi I have a problem that I have always had but I can’t solve it when I go to speed to see the speed of the site it always gives me error 521 cod 1001 redirect problem for sure.
Can you help me understand what rules to insert to have the site safe with Cloudflare?
Thank you!

521 and 1001 are very different errors. Which one is it?

What’s the domain? It’s probably best to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and fix any server issues first.

the site https// the error appears in red at the bottom when I go to speed the page!

www seems to load fine →

Only the naked domain throws a 521. You’ll probably have an incorrect IP address configured.

As mentioned

and how do i solve the problem? if I redirect this problem in the rules it doesn’t give it to me anymore!

I have a base fee can you tell me which rules to insert for greater security?

I am attaching some screenshots the first the IP that Wordpress gives me while the second that of ARUBA!

Immagine 2022-06-25 092226

Not sure what you mean by base fee, the forum here is not primarily for paid work.

But you have not paused Cloudflare yet.

Well, that IP address seems to work fine, so if that is configured on Cloudflare, that should be all right.

which IP? I paused Cloudflare!

All right, at this point it’s evident you

Drop the naked domain entries and add one with the same IP address as the www record.

I am attaching screenshots of the DNS entered in cloudfalre!

Precisely, delete all the A records for the naked domain and add the one I earlier mentioned.

So I have to delete all dns with tuttohackintosh records right?

And which one of the two IPs should I enter?

i didn’t understand i have to delete all dns A records with tuttohackintosh?
or should I add another DNS A with www by entering the other IP?

Can you elaborate on what’s unclear about this sentence?

Earlier you told me to delete all dns records with bare domain or tuttohackintosh right?

Before you told me to delete all dns records with bare domain or allhackintosh right?

But the IP you mentioned I do not see, can you rewrite it?
do I have to enter it with the WWW?

Right, that’s what I wrote.

You don’t?

now I see it ok, so I delete the others and leave this!

That is the address you need to use.

So that’s right?