Error 521, but server is ok

Hi everyone,

I need your help today, about my domain :

The website is online till 15 decembre, everything going well untill this morning … error 521

My other website their his host on the same webserver are working, No fire issue … my webserver is online … but still have the 521 on this domaine…

the other website that his host on this server is :

have you some idea for me, cause it is a transactionnal website and i’m actually loosing a lot of money.


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I already done all of this, if i’m here to ask help, it’s because i already done everything i can … the tip about 521 dont fix my probleme

look like it was an issue with cloudflare service, everything’s back online thanks everybody

I still see the 521 on the first site. What did your host say about the logs and did they check for rate limiting? Second site loads over http.

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I use a digital ocean server, everything worked fine till this morning … the other website is on the same server … so, it’s not a server limitation

The error 521 appear earlier this morning when i slept … i really dont understand … no any update on my server was done … nothing was change …

Just for fun, i setup a new domain on the same server with https

everything work fine … same server then… with https too

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