Error 521 / Bluehost

So I’ve used Cloudflare and Bluehost for a couple of months and everything was fine.

Today I was supposed to renew my hosting and I couldn’t make the payment. There was an additional Cloudflare charge set to zero, but the payment wouldn’t go through with it.

So I asked the Bluehost support to remove it from the billing. They did, but it seems that they did more than that, as now my website is down.

I contacted the support again, but they don’t know how to fix it. They told me to make a new Cloudflare account, even though my browser is showing me that Cloudflare is working and that the problem is with them.

Please help. I am getting my Google rankings destroyed because of incompetent Bluehost staff.

This would be my recommendation…in addition to changing hosts.

With a new Cloudflare account, you’ll set Cloudflare name servers at your domain registrar, and make sure your DNS records here match your server’s IP address.

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