Error 521 AWS after creating AMI

Please help with suggestions of what I can do to get my site back online.

Encountered an Error 521 – which in the past i made AMI image on AWS and restarted the instances to get back online. But it didn’t help.
DNS register with Cloudflare. Many thanks in advance.

521s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down.

Is your server properly configured to SSL? What’s the domain?

Hello Sandro, Thanks for your reply. Yes SSL is configured perfectly ok. Domain name is

Did you already try all of the mentioned steps?

Yes I have checked all.

Would you feel comfortable to share your server IP address here? Though if one of those points fixes it, you owe me a coffee :wink:

Yes sure :relieved:, my public IPv4 - {redacted}

All right, you can remove the posting if you want.

But the very issue is exactly that your server is not responding, just as the message says.

Thanks for your reply. Actually there was memory problem on AWS. I changed the Instance type to bit bigger memory and finally it worked perfectly. Anyway i still owe you a coffee :coffee: :wink:.

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