Error 520 with Cloudflare


our website return a 520 error. It is all updated with few plugins, and Divi last version with WP 5.7. When we try to login or publicate a page or save it, we have the Error 520, so we are not able to use our site properly.

Yesterday we have deleted the website from Cloudflare and we had no problems.

I have tested few moments ago, it loads up correctly and is working from my end.

It is looking good so far, working. Nameservers points to Cloudflare ones. Resolves correctly by me.

Due to 520 error, kindly check within the steps from the below article to try to resolve your issue:

Due to the DNSKEY from screenshot, you may have two DS records at your domain registar which could also be the reason.

We have the same issue. Error 520. When disabling Cloudflare, no more error.

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