Error 520 with Chromium and indicate by Google Search Console

Today, I received a mail from Google Search Console indicate that, some links have an errors.
I test this links with Chrome and work fine, also, with Firefox.
But if I access with Chromium I have a 520 error of Cloudflare ( Ray ID: 46f35dd55ad6c009 )
Also, I view that, my site its a forum, if access with Chromium, all threads appears in blank, with chrome and firefox appears well.
If you need, I type my url.
Thanks and regards.

Here are some troubleshooting tips. Also, checking server logs can sometimes provide some insight.

I go to check server logs.

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So it is some issue with Chromium. Then the question is any Chromium or just your browser. Start with clearing cache and cookies and try visiting the website from another computer with a new installed Chromium, if problem exists, it is probably a Chromium bug.

Finally, I can solved the issue. I was tray with another Chromium and continue, the same day, I have an update of chromium and reconfigure some points. All fine now.

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