Error 520 when sending request with PUT method

Hi everybody,

I just switched to Cloudflare (previously using certbot). Everything was working normally before I realized it, however when I send a request using the PUT method (to change the profile details, bypassing the RESTful API of the HTTP client) they display an error message which is :

520 web server is returning an unknown error

But the GET and POST methods all work normally, only the PUT method displays the error message. I’ve tried looking everywhere, but no one raises this issue, is there a solution for this?

FYI, I’m using nginx for the web server and reverse proxy, and wrapped it in docker.

When I check the logs on the web server’s docker container, there’s nothing when I send the PUT method, but when I GET or POST, the logs show that someone accessed it. I concluded that Cloudflare had not touched my web server at all when I sent the PUT method.

I hope someone can help me asap :slight_smile:

Are you still hitting this 520 error?

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