Error 520. what's the problem!?

Hi, this is Sophia !
Since this morning, I am having a trouble using one of the websites that I use frequently.
I’ve been using it for several days without a problem but today, Error 520 has occured and I have absolutely no idea why.
I’ve tried VPN, other types of browsers, cleared cache etc.
what shoud I do at this point?
I’ve attached the error screen pic.
PLEASE, if there’s anyone who knows how to figure this out, please leave a comment on the post.
thank you.

I’d recommend running through the steps as outlined in this post: Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error. Checking your web server logs would be my first recommendation.

Hello cherryjimbo, thanks for the info!!!
but honestly, I absolutely have no idea what I should do even if I’ve read the post several times.
Is there an easy way for you to explain what I need to do in order to solve this problem?
thank you.

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Are you the site owner?

no I’m not

You can’t do much in that case besides contacting the website owner. This is an issue they have to fix.

Dear Experts,
I am getting the below error when I try to access the below link,

Error 520

Ray ID: 70265d3309da68fb • 2022-04-27 08:59:47 UTC

It was working all fine till Monday.
Can you please let me know how to get this fixed.

Best Regards,

Loads up fine for me - do you see anything in your server’s access or error logs when you get the 520 returned?

For me too can you clear cache or try in another device ?

Hi KinaNH,

The issue is not about loading it loads for me to, you please click on translation and then upload any document and try to translate from any language and when you hit the translate button the attached error triggers and this was not the case till Monday, I have been using this tool from many months now,

Is this a website that you own?

Errors like this can only be resolved by the person that’s hosting the website and the first port of call would be to check the logs for the given webserver when these 520’s are occurring.

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No I am not the owner of this website.
Additionally I also checked on other machine but the same error is triggered, also tried clearing cache.

You can’t do anything besides contacting the website owner. This is an issue they have to fix - Cloudflare and anyone in the community are unable to help, unfortunately.

Okay Albert thanks for making it clear, then there is no other way except to wait and check the website frequently.

Yessss, you are right

Thanks Neeraj.

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