Error 520 Web server is returning an unknownError

I started restoring my site but it failed and stucked at 88% so I closed window. What could I do now please? Thanks

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sorry but not helpful

Really? The steps in the article pretty much covers it all. Which did you try?

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it showed me bunch of posts where nothing is 520 related

I’m sorry it didn’t show up in your search. It’s the first post in this list:


well there is " If this error is still happening, contact Cloudflare Customer Support and provide example URL(s), my url is:

Can you check it out please?

That site isn’t currently using the Cloudflare Proxy service, but here is how to open a ticket:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Cool, now I migrated the site to brand new host but when I refresh the site, it’s still showing an old copy of that… ćould it be a problem of the host? Or where to search to find issues?

It’s still not using Cloudflare’s proxy services. If your DNS entries in the Cloudflare Dashboard are updated for your new host, then the problem is at the new host.

Hello my site not open there show Error 525 how to solve this problem

no I don’t have any updated DNS entries, I have same entries as before… could this be a problem and reason why I’m getting 520 ?

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