Error 520 'Web server is returning an unknown error"

Hello, Cloudflare community,

It’s been more than a week since my website is showing me “Error 520” again and again and over again.
I tried to resolve this issue but I couldn’t, it makes accessing the website super difficult and I literally can’t access it at all.
Can please anyone helps me out regarding this?
As this is my website
Thank you :slight_smile:

520s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error and in your case that will be because your server is not properly configured for SSL but simply throws an error.

You should pause Cloudflare for now and fix your server’s SSL issues and make sure you have a valid certificate. Only then unpause Cloudflare.

Thankyou so much but I tried everything nothing seems to work.
As soon as I pause the cloudflare my website shows invalid error. SSL error
My hosting is form GoDaddy .

Precisely what I wrote. Cloudflare is not involved here at this point you need to fix this on your server.

But I am unable to fix it☹️

You need to talk to your host or web developer. The forum here can’t do anything.

Okay!! Thankyou so much

Buenos!! para vos lo que falla es SSL, es lo que quieres decir

En mi poca experiencias con esto y créanme que entiendo que el objetivo de estos foros es ampliar conocimiento ha sido que el problema está en godaddy y que tarde o temprano ellos lo solucionan, el problema es que el que tiene un negocio en internet pierde dinero con esta demora.

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