error 520 web serve is returning unknown.

I get this error now: 520 web serve is returning unknown.

the error is intermittent does not always appear.

5xx errors come from the host. Does anything show up in your server logs?

The error is intermittent, sometimes 520 appears 525 others, I have 5 web pages in cloudflare and some were more than a year old and did not give an error

525 is very different from a 520. 525 is an SSL error at the server. 525 shouldn’t be intermittent, though if the server is returning a default error page, it might not have the correct SSL certificate for your domain.

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what is strange to me is that previously they worked correctly.

the pages are:

you have to load the pages several times since they do not always appear

I have done everything, my hosting providers made me delete the DNS and put them on again and however it did not work.

please I need help

You didn’t answer the question. But 5xx errors need to be solved with help from your webhost.

they are more lost than me

Error 520 Ray ID: 594f02542fccec21 • 2020-05-17 17:20:26 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

That is not encouraging.

any ideas?

In my hosting they review and say that it is from here that it must be fixed that they do not see any problem, it is something that has been reviewing for more than 5 days, here in cloudflare as it is a free service the tickets never respond.

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