Error 520 showing how to resolve it

Error 520 showing how to resolve it
Ip. : 2409:4089:1d33:2c8f::5549:bc12
Ray ID: 88dd3028be7c938c

  1. What domain?

  2. Do you own the website, or are you just a visitor?

I am a visitor. Its a telegram bot showing error

You will need to find a way to communicate with the website owner, and let them know about the issues you’re having with their website.

You can try to look up (e.g. through Google) and see if you can find email addresses, social media links, or similar, and (attempt to) contact them through that.

Sometimes, a WHOIS lookup on the domain may give a link, where you can attempt to contact the domain registrant.

Even if you attempt to reach out via alternative channels, as mentioned above, you aren’t guaranteed that the website owner will take any action at all though. Any actions (or lack of same) will be at the sole discretion of the website owner.

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