Error 520 on Wordpress app - xmlrpc.php blocked by Cloudflare?

Recently I’m receiving a 520 error whenever I try to post to my Wordpress site via the Wordpress mobile app. Our host provider states that Cloudflare appears to be blocking access to xmlrpc.php file, which apparently the Wordpress mobile app needs access to. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

May I ask if the rest of the domain / WordPress is working ok, and just xmlrpc.php throws 520 error?

Have you tried troubleshooting the origin host/server, or enabling the WordPress Debug mode? :thinking:

Thanks for the question. It was just the xmlrpc.php that was throwing the 520 error.
As it turns out, it was indeed the host server that was blocking access to xmlrpc.php, not Cloudflare as the host initially indicated. They have now restored access to it. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


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