Error 520 on my Cludflare websites

From Sat 9:33 PM until 7:32 AM (today) - Timezone GMT+3, on sites hosted on dedicated servers in the United States, error 520 was repeatedly recorded, about checking the servers themselves, as well as enabling and disabling the CF plugin, it was discovered that the problem is precisely in using Cloudflare. Is there any information about this problem, what it is and when it will be fixed? Unfortunately, it was not possible to get through to the technical support telephone line.

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Any known outages would be reported on - I haven’t personally heard of anyone reporting the issues you’re experiencing.

Do you have an Enterprise plan? If so, contact your CSM.

If not, phone support is only for Enterprise customers.

I am having this same issue too.
Since approximately Saturday, my websites are intermittently not loading properly.
Spoke to hosting and seems to be a Cloudflare issue.

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